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Soft Wash versus Pressure Wash? Know the difference!

Since it is common question among customers, I’d like to take the time to explain the difference between soft washing and pressure washing. So in this article I’m gonna breakdown the major key differences in the two options. Some companies only do one or the other and some companies do both. We are the type that does both, because we know that each system has it’s advantages and disadvantages.

Soft wash is very dependent on heavy chemical use and by applying liberal amounts of cleaning agents, you can eliminate the need to put much pressure behind the water source in order to remove dirt and grime. This is great on surfaces that are easy to damage such a cedar siding, wood decks, painted surfaces, vinyl siding, windows, and other soft exterior surfaces. This is the preferred method for roof cleaning and most exterior washing surfaces for your residential home. pressure washing southwest missouri

Pressure Washing is best on surfaces that are hard and durable, such as concrete, pavers, driveways, and pools. In both types of systems you must use chemicals on most surfaces if you plan to kill whatever is growing on them and keep them clean longer. There is just no getting around the use of certain chemicals, that most would say are environmentally friendly. Many people hear the world chemicals and automatically think it will hurt the environment and that is just not true. Thanks to the modern world of chemistry we can understand exactly how these chemicals will work in our environment and then dissipate and become inactive and harmless. The most common chemical used in exterior house washing is sodium hypochlorite, which is just a fancy name for chlorine. If you didn’t know it, chlorine is used in a multitude of things to include cleaning your tap water that you drink daily. Once it’s done it’s job it breaks down to simple salts, so it really isn’t a bad choice as far as chemicals go. Other things that are added to cleaning solutions are things like surfacants and detergents. These chemicals give the solutions their suds and also allow the solution to cling to vertical surfaces so they can penetrate and clean efficiently with less pressure. The list of chemicals that can be used are too many to list in this blog, but the main type we use is chlorine. Mainly because of it’s efficiency at killing algae, bacteria, moss, lichen and it breaks down to be harmless in a short amount of time once sprayed.


Why hire a professional versus doing it yourself? Or getting any Joe that owns a pressure washer!

The answer is simple, we have the knowledge to properly clean your surfaces without damaging them and using proper cleaning solutions to prevent these things from coming back any time soon. Let say you have green algae all over you siding for instance. You could easily go rent a pressure washer and go out there a blast that algae right off and have the house looking new again in no time. But what you don’t know is that with pressure, your not only potentially damaging your siding, but you won’t kill the bacteria/algae growing there. All you are doing is displacing it with a pressure washer and it will come right back in no time.

We have the knowledge to know what chemicals need to be used on what surfaces and how to use them without causing damage to your plants or exterior surfaces. By the time you buy everything you need and try to do it yourself, you’ll end up spending almost as much money as paying a professional to do it right the first time. You can’t just power wash something and expect it to have lasting results, you really need to have the technical knowledge to know the proper solutions and how to use equipment properly for the right results. Also most people can’t afford to have hot water pressure systems because of their expensive nature and large size. Our trailer is equipped with not only a soft wash system but also a large industrial grade hot water pressure system. You simply can’t get the same results from cold water systems, which is what most consumer grade pressure washers offer! And you’d be surprised at how cheaply we can knock out your project so that you don’t have to worry about it. We are very price competitive and can work with almost anyone’s budget.

If you’d like to know more about the differences and what would be best for your home, be sure to contact us and arrange an appointment to see what we can do to restore the look of your home!

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