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What to know about Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning?


Springfield MO roof cleaning demand is on the rise and one type of shingle that is more plagued by algae than even asphalt is wood shakes. These types of roofs are some of the MOST expensive to install and also require a fair amount of maintenance every 5-10 years. Cedar shakes are absolutely gorgeous and have some of the longest life spans of any shingle on the market. The only downside to these shingles is that they can grow moss, lichen, and algae easier than almost any other type of roof system. Moisture is the killer of these roofs and you have to make sure that excess moisture is staying on your shingles, otherwise algae grows. Bug infestation is another issue when you have plant life growing on your roof, because once the plant life sets in the bugs will follow. And your $50,000 or more roof system can lose 10-20 years off it’s lifespan in a matter of years.

One of the things I love about cedar shake roof cleaning more than anything, is just how beautiful they look after a fresh cleaning. There is nothing more gorgeous than wood and the beautiful colors that come out in the shakes. A good cleaning will restore the color of your roof back to looking as good or better than new.

cedar shake roof cleaningWhy is Cedar Roof Cleaning more expensive?

There are a lot of reasons it’s more expensive to clean cedar shake roofs, but one of them is that most of the work needs to be done from the ladder if at all possible. Wood shakes are more brittle than asphalt and it’s always best if you can keep from walking on the shingles. Every roof is different, but the older it is the less you want to walk on it. We also must use different chemicals that are more expensive and difficult to work with than a normal roof cleaning job. You have to be super careful about the mixture used on the roof, otherwise you can permanently damaged your shingles roof cleaning southwest missouricoloring and more. Too high a concentration of chlorine or other chemicals can have lasting affects on a cedar roof. Don’t just have any roofing contractor clean your cedar shingles, make sure they are experienced in doing this before you ruin your roof. There is also increased liability from such an expensive roofing system, so we have to make sure everything is right.

What happens if I don’t keep my cedar roof clean?

Well in short, its gonna cost you way more money later if you don’t. The average cost of replacement for cedar roof shakes is between $600-$900 per square. And the average house with a cedar roof is usually over 3,000 sq ft., so if you take the mid range price to replace it, your looking at around a minimum of 25 grand to replace it. A simple roof cleaning will add years to the life of your roof and only costs less than 2k! A cedar shake roof can last for over 50 years if properly taken care of. Or you could replace it at 25 years if you don’t maintain it! Besides, your neighbors will be so envious after you get your cedar roof clean anyway, because it will be the best looking roof on the block!

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Sealing and staining your cedar shake roof?

A lot of customers ask about wanting to seal their roof so that these stains don’t happen again. And this isn’t a good option for a lot of reasons. One of the most important things in maintaining your cedar shingles lifespan is to insure they can breath and dry quickly. The problem with sealers is that they prevent the wood from breathing and if moisture gets trapped underneath the shingle, then it takes that much longer for the shingles to dry out with a sealer on them. Its also worth noting that even if you do seal your shingles, they will still turn back the same colors in a few years anyway. The sun will always bleach them back out to the same color within a few years regardless of what you do to them. Cedar is also designed to be rot resistant, it doesn’t need added oils in order to maintain it’s efficiency. All it needs is some occasional maintenance and that won’t ever be an issue.

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