What are those black stains on my roof?

If you’ve driven around Springfield MO, you’ve undoubtedly seen all those homes that have black stains on their roof. I’d say approximately 70% of homes in Springfield MO need roof cleaning in order to restore the look of their home. Many people think that you can’t clean your roof and need to replace it to get that new look again. That is just not true and it’s actually very quick and easy to clean a roof and restore it to brand new looking. It is quick and relatively cheap to get this service done, but it’s not something you can really do yourself at the house.

In order to clean roofs properly you need specialized chemicals and equipment to do it the right way. You can’t just go down to the local store and buy some bleach, spray it on and walk away. There is only 3 chemicals that can be used to clean roofs the right way and those chemicals include: sodium hypochlorite (chlorine), sodium hydroxide (caustic lye), and sodium percarbonate (think oxy clean).

Only one type of chemical is recommended and approved by roofing manufacturers that won’t void the warranty on your shingles. Sodium hypochlorite is the ONLY thing you should be using to properly clean the roof. Many people are offset by the idea of using this chemical to clean their home, but it truly is a very safe option. The reason that sodium hypochlorite is a safe cleaning solution is because of the chemistry behind it. It is not safe to the skin or to breath, but since it breaks down so quickly upon contact with the roof, it makes it the best option. Chlorine is rendered completely inactive with a short amount of time of being sprayed on your roof. Any increase in any heat above 60 degrees contributes greatly to the breakdown of chlorine and also when it comes in contact with organic materials. When we spray the solution on your roof, it will be totally safe by the time we rinse it off and dispose of the waste water using gutter hosing. The only thing left after the solution breaks down is salt. We guarantee that we wont hurt your plants or any portion of your house! If you are absolutely against the use of chlorine, we do have other options available that some would consider more environmentally friendly. But one thing is for sure! If you don’t want those stains to come back, YOU HAVE TO KILL THE ALGAE, MOSS, & LICHEN!

So what are those black stains?

The technical term for them is Gloeocapsa Magma, which is a type of algae that causes those black streaks. They feed off filler material and moisture in your shingles. They are spread by aerial spores or birds landing on your roof. Once they start growing, they will do nothing but spread all over the shady areas of your roof. Typically the northside and portions that are covered by trees or in heavy shade. The more moisture there is on the roof the faster they will grow. These stains are not only an eye sore, but they are destroying the lifespan of your roof. It’s even worse if you have moss or lichen, growing on the roof. The problem with moss or lichen is that it actually grows roots into your shingles and when you remove them it can take some of the granules with them, leaving splotches on your shingles. These types of growth absolutely must be removed or they will permanently damage your roof!

Things you don’t want to put on your roof?

TSP- Trisodium Phosphate is a very dangerous type of cleaning agent that is very harmful to the environment. It is a scouring agent and can cause damage to your paint, etching on your glass windows, and other damaging effects on your home. This is a very common cleaning chemical used by local contractors and has been outlawed in numerous states because of it’s effect on the environment.

Sodium Hydroxide- While this chemical is very effective at cleaning roofs, one of the best. It is also VERY caustic and if you don’t have gutters all the way around your house, it can literally eat the paint off your metal fascia and other painted metal on your home. It is also very dangerous to handle and can burn the skin badly. It is essentially a caustic lye, that isn’t harmful to the environment, but can be harmful to numerous exterior surfaces. This chemical can be used on certain homes that have guttering all the way around and no metal coverings. But chlorine is a better option.

What’s the difference between Curb Appeal Home Solutions and other local contractors?

One of the main things that separates us from the competition is that we offer a full service rinse and repair of your roof. Its not just a roof cleaning, it’s a roof makeover. Our technicians have years of working on roofs and being roof installation contractors, so we know how to clean them and fix them. We will inspect your roof for any leaks or issues with your shingles and repair them for you.

Another big thing to consider is that most local contractors don’t actually rinse the roof. Which leaves you having to wait on the rain to clean your roof which can take months. And even though your roof doesn’t look clean until the rain does its work, you still have to pay in full. The reason they do this is because you can’t power wash a roof and they don’t own the specialized equipment to give it a low pressure rinse. It takes specialized equipment that can spray water at less than a 100 psi, so that your shingles aren’t damaged, but the roof is also left looking extremely clean. Another reason is because they don’t like their employees climbing on the roof for insurance reasons. The equipment and process we use absolutely won’t hurt your roof, it will leave it looking much cleaner than the competition, and we do it cheaper! How can you beat that? Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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